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This is the period of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Since the term was first coined in the World Economic Forum, Davos Summit in 2016, it has come to vogue in every possible realm we can imagine of. One of the fields that has been most impacted is the field of learning. Although the process of digitization has started long ago, coming of new-age technology has expedited the process. Similar discussion has already started in the country and this could be seen in the policy changes in the last few years. It is exhilarating for all of us to see the new proposals in the National Education Policy, which envisages spending 6% of national income on education as well as introducing coding from middle school onwards.

While states like Kerala has made much progress, however, states in the eastern and north-eastern part have not been able to achieve any tangible results. The Covid-19 pandemic has halted the progress of the Nation towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4; the scenario is worse in the state like Assam. Nevertheless, if we look at the silver lining of this distressful year, we see a surge in the use of ICT among the population challenging the digital divide that used to exist before the pandemic. The change was also visible in teaching and learning, though in a fragmented way, due to the lack of proper infrastructure. In addition to ICT infrastructure, another major difficulty the students of the state face is the availability of quality resources in the vernacular medium. Moreover, the rich heritage and celebrated personalities of our state are underrepresented in the electronic platform.

We, at eKuhipath, are doing endeavors to provide quality study materials in the form of video lectures to school going students as well as to those preparing for different competitive examinations including that of the Civil Service examinations. We have a dedicated cadre of highly qualified faculty from the state as well from outside. We have plans to make learning easier, that too in our own language. The journey has begun; now, the onus is on all of us to take this forward. Thank you.

Team eKuhipath

Meet Our Team

Jnyandeep Hazarika

Jnyandeep Hazarika

M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), GATE, SLET, PhD Scholar at Cotton University

Jyotish Nath

Jyotish Nath

M.Sc (Chemistry), NET, GATE, GRE, TOEFL, IIT Guwahati Alumnus, POSTECH Dropout

Santanu Nandan Borbora

Santanu Nandan Borbora

M.Sc (Physical Chemistry), Inspector of Legal Metrology at Govt. of Assam

Kongkon Jyoti Saikia

Kongkon Jyoti Saikia

M.Sc (Physics), ACS (Rank 1) [CCE 2018]


Monalisha Borthakur
Faculty of Geography, PhD Scholar at Gauhati University, NET, SLET

Himadri Borah
Faculty of Biology, MSc (Botany), ACS, SLET

Dr. Tarali Kalita
Faculty of Biology, Assistant Professor Department of Zoology, Cotton University

Saurav Kamal Medhi
Faculty of Physics, B.Tech (NIT Silchar), GATE

Bharat Engleng
Faculty of Biology, Assistant Professor Department of Biotechnology, Cotton University, ACS (Rank 133), NET, DBT-JRF, GATE, CEEB (JNU)

Alaukika Nayak
Faculty of Current Affairs, M Tech, Ex-Asst. Professor, GHITM, Odisha

Bikash Sarma
Faculty of Mathematics, BE (Electrical), Jorhat Engineering College

Rupankar Bharali
Faculty of Mathematics, Assistant Teacher, TET

Bikash Kumar Sarma
Faculty of Chemistry, PhD Scholar at IIT Guwahati, NET, GATE, SLET

Biswajit Das
Faculty of Mathematics, Executive Chemist, MSc (Chemistry)

Biswajit Das
Faculty of Environmental Science, Guest Faculty at Rangia College, ATET, CTET

Preetirekha Bhuyan
Faculty of Assamese, NET, SLET, Assistant Professor, Sankardev Mahavidiyalaya, North Lakhimpur

Chandamita Thakuria
Faculty of Assamese, Assistant Teacher, NET, SLET, TET

Deep Jyoti Das
Faculty of Chemistry, MSc (Chemistry), NET, GATE, Scientist

Dr. Dulumoni Bora
Faculty of Health, MBBS (Gauhati Medical College and Hospital)

Pinku Nath
Faculty of Physics, MSc Physics at Cotton University (Pursuing)

Durlove Borah
Faculty of Economics, Research Scholar at Dibrugarh University, SLET

Dr. Gaurav Sarma
Faculty of Health, Dental Surgeon Sub-Divisional Civil Hospital, Pathsala

Ibnul Farid
Faculty of Physics, DST-INSPIRE Fellow, SRF, IASST, Guwahati

Parmeeta Borthakur
Faculty of Chemistry, M.Sc, Ph.D Scholar, NEHU, Shillong

Samarendra Sarma
Faculty of General Studies, ALRS (Rank 17) [CCE 2018]

Ipsita Gogoi
Faculty of Political Science, MA (Pol. Sc.), MA (Pub. Ad), LLB, Assistant professor, Lakhimpur Girl’s College

Lima Gogoi
Faculty of History, Research Scholar at Assam University, NET

Mayuri Borthakur
Faculty of Biology, PGT Biology, MSC, CTET, ATET

Parishmita Sarma
Faculty of Biology, PhD Scholar at IIT Kanpur, NET, SLET, GATE


Manashjyoti Lahkar
Faculty of Physics, BE, Assam Engineering College, Guwahati

Nisha Mani Deka

Nisha Mani Deka
M.Com, Gauhati University, Lecturer, Gateway Academy, Baihata Chariali, Kamrup

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